November 24, 2017

4 Solutions for Anti Aging in Dallas That Are Backed by Science

There’s a reason the anti-aging industry rakes in about $122 billion dollars every year. No one really likes getting older.

Aging causes our bodies to break down in many ways. We feel more tired, we don’t recover as quickly, and our looks can change.

If you’re looking for anti aging solutions backed by science, we’ve got them. Keep reading for four fascinating ways to keep wrinkles and saggy skin at bay a little while longer.

Calorie Restriction

One of the ways scientists are looking into minimizing the aging process is calorie restriction. This doesn’t mean you can just skip a meal and take a few years off your face.

Calorie restriction involves reducing food intake without triggering malnutrition or cutting essential nutrients. Results are promising – calorie-restricted monkeys lived longer in a few tests.

This isn’t an easy course to follow. Consult your doctor before you try this method and always be mindful of how you feel.

In any case, any effort to lose weight helps you feel younger! You might find that a healthier diet and exercise regimen will do wonders all on its own.

Red Wine

One of the best anti aging solutions – and the easiest to follow: drink more red wine! How can we say no to that?

Reservatrol, a compound found in red wine, has anti-aging benefits. It stimulates your body to produce a serum with anti-aging properties.

Now when you raise a glass to your good health you can mean it! This is an anti aging trick that pairs well with any meal.

Telomerase Therapy

Telomerase is an enzyme inside the body that affects aging. Scientists studied the effects of telomerase on mice and the results were interesting, to say the least.

The mice that lacked the enzyme aged rapidly. As soon as the enzyme was replaced, the mice were able to bounce back.

Problem solved, right? Not exactly – there’s a big drawback with telomerase therapy. It causes tumors to grow quicker.

Hopefully, scientists will be able to isolate the good parts of this technique and remove the bad.

Blood Transfusions

Our blood may hold a key to a longer life. Scientists have been trying to “recharge” mice with plasma transfusions.

They take the plasma and blood from a younger mouse and inject it into an older mouse. Those older mice seemed to behave much like the younger mice.

Their memory, spatial learning, and understanding of their environment all improved.

Imagine what this means for the world of anti aging solutions – and blood donations!

Anti Aging Solutions To Try

Now that you’ve got a few methods in mind, which will you try first? If you’re still not sure where to start, it’s time to call in the experts.

We’ve got a great array of services that will start you on a path to a healthy, younger you.

From hormone replacement to IV treatments to weight loss, we’re the anti-aging pros in Dallas.

Who doesn’t want to feel younger, have more energy, lose weight, and look great? Contact us today and start living your best life!