July 22, 2019

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Vampire Facials: Everything You Need To Know

Kim Kardashian set the cosmetic world on fire when she got her own blood pumped back into her skin tissue. Some people watched in horror and others were intrigued and jumped right on board. The vampire facial, otherwise known as the platelet-rich plasma facial, has been widely debated since that infamous episode. It is essentially extracting blood from the patient, processing it in a centrifuge to extract the plasma, which contains platelets and growth factors, and then is re-injected into the patients face.

The theory is that the platelets and growth factors will initiate a healing response which will rejuvenate skin over time. After Kim Kardashian posted that famous Instagram picture of her blood-covered face, many fans were quick to book their appointments the next day and many clinics were happy to oblige. When the platelets are injected into the face, it tricks the body into thinking it has an injury which is why it works at bringing forth growth factors and aid in new collagen formation. Some other benefits of getting this facial include:

  • Tightening open pores
  • Rejuvenating under-eye skin 
  • Eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and scars 
  • Plumping cheeks, forehead and other areas that are typically hit with fillers 

Vampire facials are relatively safe and discreet, along with giving patients the look they want without having to go through extensive surgery or more invasive procedures they would normally have to go through when it comes to anti-aging treatments. Keep in mind that more than one treatment may be needed, but don’t worry –the process is quick, easy and won’t take up much of your busy schedule. Whatever procedure you choose to help your anti-aging journey, make sure it’s right for you and your body. Talk about all options with your healthcare provider and make an informed decision.