November 10, 2017

4 Ways Women Can Actually Benefit from Hormone Replacement Carrollton

Menopause is a dramatic time in a woman’s life and her body will go through many changes.

Unlike puberty, the subject of menopause isn’t taken as seriously as it should be, even though 1 in 4 women will experience debilitating symptoms over the course of it.

That’s why women are always looking for new ways to alleviate the worst of menopause, like hormone replacement Carrollton.

Haven’t heard of it? Read on to see how it can help you.

Stabilizes Your Mood

Apart from physical changes, menopause wreaks havoc on your mood.

It brings with it a host of emotional problems, like anxiety and depression. The body’s changing hormone levels disrupt brain chemistry. Combined with the stress of physical changes, it can leave you unable to control your own mood.

Hormone replacement Carrollton counteracts these mood swings. Replacing diminished hormones, Carrollton stabilizes your body’s chemistry and helps keep you in control.

Eases Physical Discomfort

Menopause is like sitting on a chair of nails: uncomfortable.

You’ll experience everything from hot flashes to trouble sleeping and even some weight gain. And don’t forget the aches and pains and the worsening of existing conditions.

Every woman will have a slightly different experience. It’s hard to predict and counter all of these changes.

You could go the traditional medication route, but each symptom requires a different medicine. Side effects can add up fast and you may end up adding to your original discomfort

Carrollton helps you avoid this problem. By restoring the body’s natural hormone levels, HRT targets symptoms at the source without any side effects.

Prevents Osteoporosis

Estrogen is an important hormone for healthy bone growth.

Because this hormone’s production is reduced during menopause, your bone growth generally slows down. Eventually, it fails to match the rate of resorption, the breakdown of old bone.

This process continues into old age, as estrogen levels remain low post-menopause. As a result, you will have an increased risk of osteoporosis.

Scientists have demonstrated, however, that hormone replacement therapy is an effective weapon against post-menopausal osteoporosis.

It promotes bone growth and helps you to feel stronger.

Increases Sex Drive

Menopause affects the bedroom the most.

Because of your changing hormones and physical discomfort, it can be hard to initiate sex, much less enjoy it. That can lead to an even deeper depression.

Problems in the bedroom also lead to marital stress. In a time when you need emotional support the most, you might find yourself isolated and angry.

Combating the effects of a reduced sex drive with hormone replacement Carrollton restores your confidence and relieves stress, reducing the impact of other symptoms and helping you enjoy the best part of marriage.

Hormone Replacement Carrollton Gives You Back Control

Menopause sucks. It’s a dramatic change often under-served by modern medicine.

Until now.

Hormone replacement therapies are an exciting new remedy that will give you control over menopause.

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