December 25, 2017

4 Reasons to Try IV Hydration Carrollton

Staying hydrated is more important than you may think. The benefits of water include everything from fighting fatigue to preventing headaches.

In recent years, IV treatments to help with things like hydration have caught on. But what may seem like a passing trend has real scientific benefits.

Whether you’re an athlete in need of recovery or just simply hungover, an IV treatment helps hydrate in ways that drinking water can’t

Let’s look at four major benefits of trying IV hydration Carrollton.

1. IV Hydration is Fast-Acting

Did you know that the sensation of feeling replenished after drinking water is simply the rehydration of tissues in your throat and tongue?

Actual hydration happens when water gets absorbed through the large intestine. That means the hydrating effects of water take place hours after you’ve actually consumed it.

With an IV drip, however, you get 100% absorption right away. The benefits take effect immediately because fluid is delivered directly to your bloodstream. This means you’ll start feeling rehydrated and recharged directly after the treatment.

2. Great Source of Electrolytes

Have you ever noticed that some people drink sports drinks when hungover? There’s a reason for this.

Being dehydrated doesn’t only mean your body needs water. It’s also suffering from a lack of electrolytes. Minerals such as potassium and magnesium need to be replenished.

An IV treatment can quickly get these essential electrolytes back into your body. This is perfect if a fruity sports drink doesn’t sound too appetizing after a night of drinking.

When you receive IV hydration Carrollton, you’ll be able to also get electrolytes as well. These will help you start feeling better almost immediately.

3. Easy on the Digestive System

When you’re either hungover or feeling sick, it’s hard to consume vitamins and large amounts of water without feeling nauseous. With an IV treatment, you bypass the stomach and go straight to the bloodstream.

This makes detoxifying your system happen quickly and without discomfort. Plus, once you’re detoxified, your digestive issues will go away.

You can get IV drips infused with vitamins that increase vitamin C concentration in the blood. These along with other anti-oxidants are difficult on your digestive system when either hungover or ill.

4. Get Additional Supplements

We’ve discussed how getting an IV hydration Carrollton delivers electrolytes to the body. But did you know that you can also get many other beneficial substances?

If you’re in bad shape and need serious recovery, important vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants will help aid in total recovery. You can even get anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory agents added to your drip.

Keep in mind that some anti-nausea drugs require a prescription. If you have one, it can be added to your treatment. These help get rid of nausea or other stomach issues within half-an-hour.

Not only is this great for hangovers, many people with severe diseases such as cancer benefit from the quick delivery of essential supplements.

Feel Better with IV Hydration Carrollton

Now that you know how much more effective IV treatments are, it’s time to try one out. It’s likely you’ll truly understand the benefits after your first treatment.

Remember, this isn’t just hydration. It’s a full recovery.

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