weight loss

Quit diet fads and start seeing results. Our medical experts will isolate the root of your problem and keep your weight off. By combining nutrition, natural weight loss therapies, and nutritional counseling, we help patients lose the weight and appropriately manage their health long-term.

Our customized plans include:

  • • Nutritional counseling
  • • Monitoring from medical staff and caloric tracking
  • • Natural weight loss therapies such as HCG and probiotics
  • • Weekly Body Composition Analysis to track body fat percentage, muscle mass, metabolic rate, and more

our solutions



food allergy testing

We like to think of food as medicine, at least in a small way. By knowing how you react to food, you can fuel your body so it functions properly.

IgE Allergy Testing

This test provides clear proof of allergies to certain foods and inhalants and is an important component in healthy weight management and internal healing. We identify reactions to 25 foods and 36 inhalants so you can better understand how your body reacts to the world around you.

IgG Sensitivities Testing

This comprehensive test identifies reactions to specific foods and spices which can easily go unnoticed but still have profound effects on the body. The elimination of IgG-positive foods is a process that is done with the help of trained medical staff, a food rotation plan, and regular monitoring.