November 22, 2017

How IV Hydration in Dallas Can Help You Recover Quickly

Feeling tired? Groggy? Exhausted after a heavy workout?

These can all be signs of dehydration.

Dehydration is one of the biggest factors that influence the overall feeling of wellness in the body.

If you are participating in high-intensity athletics or want to get the benefits of instant rehydration, IV hydration therapy can be for you.

Read on to find out what this is and how you can benefit from it.

What Is IV Hydration?

Intravenous hydration is a method of rehydration that bypasses the bodies digestive tract completely. It was originally developed as a medical procedure to treat dehydration.

Patients who experience moderate to severe dehydration are given a blend of saline and vitamins to replace lost electrolytes. The most common cause is for children who have become unable to keep down fluids due to an illness.

More recently, IV therapy is used to provide relief and quick recovery for a wide range of athletic and medical issues.

IV hydration is always administered by a trained medical professional using sterile instruments.

Blends of Solution

There are several different blends of IV solution you can take depending on what benefits you are looking to get.

A basic rehydrating solution contains a mix of b-vitamins, calcium and trace minerals. It is great if you need to rehydrate and recover from intense physical activity.

There is also the Meyers cocktail, a blend of vitamin C, calcium and trace minerals used for more than 50 years in rehydration.

Depending on what your condition and what your desired outcome is there are several other useful blends of solution available.

How It Can Help You

IV Hydration therapy speeds up recovery for a range of conditions. The benefit of hydrating intravenously comes from the GI tracts inefficiency at processing vitamins and the water lost through the kidneys.


One of the most commonly cited benefits of IV hydration therapy comes after exercise. This isn’t something you need after running on the treadmill for 20 minutes. For highly competitive athletes or bodybuilders who workout intensely every day it can provide real benefits.

The old wisdom was to immediately drink an oral rehydration solution, like Gatorade or Powerade, after performing a high-intensity activity.

This will work over time, but it doesn’t provide that instant relief high-performance athletes need.

The inefficiencies of the body in absorbing water and electrolytes slows the rate of recovery after a particularly intense session. By taking just 500ml of hydration solution intravenously you supercharge your bodies recovery.

The first benefit is the instant rehydration. Your body will feel better and your skin will lose that dry flush.

Next, you recover your electrolytes much faster than through drinking alone. A vitamin C booster in particular works to bind free radicals in the body through its antioxidant properties.


Hey, we’ve all done it. Gone out to party and regretted it the next day. A great way to help before heading to work with a killer headache is rehydration.

Alcohol doesn’t provide much in the way of hydration to the body. You can drink all night without realizing your body is dehydrating the whole time.

Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to fully rehydrate in the small amount of time you have to get to work. The great thing is IV hydration can help in as little as 20 minutes.

Hangover cure IV’s contain anti-nausea components as well as the usual blend of vitamins and minerals. The instant rehydration provides the biggest relief.

Using an IV like this can help you get back on your game and reduce the symptoms of a hangover.


Feeling sick? Stuffy head, runny nose? IV hydration can give you a boost of energy to help your body fight off infection.

One of the main reasons we feel sick when we have a cold or flu is because of dehydration. Many people neglect drinking the proper amount of water because they don’t feel well.

This usually just makes the whole situation worse. If you’re already sick, adding dehydration on top of it only increases your feelings of unwellness.

If you’re suffering from a sore throat it increases the likelihood of dehydration. By using IV hydration, you can quickly rehydrate your body and boost your immune system.

There are special blends of vitamins, minerals and trace elements used to help your natural immune response deal with illness.

Jet Lag & General Fatigue

Did you know the cabin of most airliners is kept at 10-20% humidity? That’s less humidity than the Sahara desert.

In conditions like that, it is hard to stay fully hydrated even by drinking frequently. The dehydration that occurs because of this low humidity is one of the biggest contributing factors to jetlag.

Using IV hydration therapy, you can greatly reduce the symptoms of jet lag. This happens because you instantly rehydrate your body and get the electrolytes you need.


Dehydration is one of the leading causes of prematurely aging. It’s difficult for your skin and muscles to maintain form and power if they are constantly short on water.

By periodically using IV hydration you can reduce your overall level of dehydration and supercharge your body’s health.

Our own blend of anti-aging solution includes minerals and vitamins that are carefully selected to help slow down the aging process. You are able to energize your bodies natural recovery abilities and reduce the appearance and symptoms of aging.


Hydrating with an IV is a relatively safe procedure, but there can be complications in a small number of cases. These are mainly very minor and cause no long-term effects.

The most common potential complication is infiltration. This occurs when the IV becomes dislodged from the vein. It can lead the saline solution within the IV to leak into the areas surrounding the vein.

This can be prevented by monitoring the needle site and limiting movement during treatment.

Overhydration is also possible. Your therapist will work to find the right amount of solution needed for maximum benefits.

It is also possible for the vein receiving the IV to collapse. This is extremely rare and in most cases quickly reversed.

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As you can see, there are a lot of benefits you can get from IV therapy. The boosted immune system, an

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